SCF Primary Care Center 2 North

Anchorage, Alaska

SCF Primary Care Center 2 North Waiting Room

An interior modernization and renovation of Southcentral Foundation’s (SCF) Primary Care Center, located in Anchorage. SCF recognized their older space needed modernization and upgrading, including demolishing the entire existing interior in order to facilitate a complete redesign of the second-floor primary care and administrative department. Once the floor plan and circulation issues were determined, the process of Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) entered a similar process where MCG interior designers thoughtfully worked with medical staff to determine appropriate locations. Several life-size mock-ups of the rooms were created to give staff the opportunity to evaluate the usefulness and completeness of the design. 

Signage, interior finishes, and details were made to complement the new interiors and make Alaska Natives traveling from outside of Anchorage feel at home. The design supports the Nuka Care Model, a crucial component of SCF’s healthcare model.