Rob Culbertson

Rob Culbertson

  • Marketing Director
  • CPSM

“Pushing boundaries is a part of our company culture.”

Rob loves the thrill of the chase, which works out well in his role as Marketing Director at MCG ExD. His passion for design started with an interest in cartooning and animation, which gradually morphed into graphic design, writing and marketing. The common theme has always been finding new and creative ways to communicate; moving from the idea phase and into a physical space. That’s where things get real.

When it comes to work, Rob leans heavily on the Adobe Creative Suite. He’s seen first hand how technology has become more accessible over the course of his career and feels like it’s been a great boon to the marketing world, increasing competition and making everything look more polished. Rob is passionate about his profession would love to someday write a book about the science of proposal design.

Outside of work, Rob is active in the community and is proud of the work he’s done in the past for the Providence Children’s Hospital. He enjoys spending time with family and working on remodel projects at home. He’s also an experienced and (somewhat) competitive snow carver.

Rob’s Favorites

Exterior view of the Harrigan Centennial Hall with Sitka buildings behind.

Staying Connected

There are things you can do outside work to hone your craft. “If you’re paying attention, you’re always picking up new ideas,” says Rob. “I’m a sponge for information and it’s important for me to stay in the loop.”

Exterior entrance of the Career Tech High School

“Building” Connections

Rob takes his work seriously, but he’s a kid at heart. When his son became interested in model building, the two of them took a deep dive into Lego. They opened a small business featuring their own custom designed kits.

Playground at the Tanalian K-12 School

Terrible Twos and Threes

Rob has his hands full both in and out of the office, with a teenage son and two small toddlers at home. He loves his kids and is an active Dad, but he’s no stranger to the idea of “hunkering down” for survival.