Garrett Burtner

Garrett Burtner

Garrett Burtner


  • Principal Architect
  • Director of Technology and Design
  • 11 years of experience
  • Member of the American Institute of Architects

“We’re adventurous, curious, and not afraid to try new things.”

Garret’s passion for architecture comes from people. He finds the rapport between architect and client – and the trust that grows out of that collaboration – to be extremely rewarding. It’s an experience that is made even better when the results of that collaboration win nation-wide recognition.

Raised with winters in Anchorage and summers spent drift netting in Naknek, Garrett is Alaskan to the core, a truth reflected in his passion for the craft of northern building design. He first became interested in design while in high school, through drawing and clothing design. He was attracted to the physical texture of materials and the way things connect. Today this extends to the acoustic properties of the materials he uses. He enjoys creating a holistic experience for his clients. He is currently working with a very demanding client, designing and building an addition to his own home.

Away from the office, he’s a committed clarinetist and an avid traveler. Garrett is active in the community as an artist and volunteer who has worked with the Alaska Design Forum and the International Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Garrett’s Favorites

Exterior view of the Harrigan Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall, Sitka

“This is an exceptionally beautiful site,” Garrett says. “We had an engaged client, a passionate group of people, and a lot of functions in the building. It’s a great result.” This was the first big project that Garrett took on from start to finish.

UAA Bookstore coffee and seating area.

Possibilities of Modeling

Architecture changes quickly. New types of modeling have allowed Garrett to see designs in 3D and be much more experiential, which ultimately leads to more creativity and better results for clients.

Salmon Statue outside of the WJH Fish Hatchery

Getting in Treble

Garrett has always been an avid musician. He’s hoping to spend his 40s making more music. He wants to learn more, play with cool people, and push the boundaries of his skills on the clarinet.