Chuck Wood

Chuck Wood

  • IT Manager

“Always look at a problem from different angles.”

Charles has been with MCG Explore Design for 22 years, and it is his hard work that keeps us on the cutting edge with the software we use. He loves increasing MCG Explore Design’s sustainability, combining his conscientious nature with his love of the outdoors and his and passion for efficiency.

When not enjoying himself fixing the company’s misbehaving systems, Chuck is spending his time in his community. Whether leading a Boy Scout troop, coaching baseball or volunteering at Alaska’s famous Iditarod sled dog race, he likes helping others.

Chuck is also a farmer and a keen traveler. He wants to see more of the world’s farms and cooperatives to expand his knowledge and gather fresh ideas to try out at home.

Chuck’s Favorites

Foyer of the Harrigan Centennial Hall.

Job Satisfaction

The best part about working at MCG Explore Design, Charles says, is fixing something that’s broken. That attitude means he’s definitely the right man for the job whenever computers are involved

Salmon statue outside fish hatchery.

Renewable Energy

A lot has changed over the years when it comes to renewable energy, which Charles finds fascinating. He’s always interested in finding ways we can do better.

Residential interior

Family First

Charles jokes that his biggest achievement so far is staying alive. Seriously though, he loves his family. He’s proud of his successful marriage and he loves being a father.