UAA Campus Bookstore Renovation

UAA Campus Bookstore entrance

In 2014, MCG began the programming and design phases for the Bookstore Renovation project on the UAA campus. The Bookstore is the primary retail establishment on the UAA Campus and is the largest college bookstore in the state with approximately 18,902 sf of retail floor area. In addition to selling books, the Bookstore has colorful UAA clothing and outdoor gear, basic school supplies, computer tech products and food/drinks for sale. The mezzanine hosts small gatherings for lectures, readings and musical events. The Bookstore was originally built in the early 1980’s and required a complete interior renovation. The goal of the project was to merge strong interior and architectural design in this specialty retail environment with an emphasis on unique lighting design and contemporary finishes. The selection/design of retail fixtures and colorful, modern lounge furnishings have transformed the Bookstore into an architectural jewel in the heart of the campus.

UAA Campus Bookstore lounge