Iditarod Elementary School

Wasilla, Alaska

Exterior view of the Iditarod Elementary School

The goal for this project was to design a school filled with light in the heart of Wasilla. The open, connected learning environments are tailored to the community’s needs, with an inviting entry, connected library, and enhanced multi-function community spaces

Iditarod Elementary School’s unique learning signature: Building Promise and Potential in the Heart of Our Community, was created through intense collaboration between the design team and school students, teachers, and administrators early in the programming and design process for this project. 

The design of this school discards the isolated classroom/hallway model, creating an active, common connecting space that provide pathways and engaging learning opportunities. The vibrant colors and transparency of the school’s wedged-shaped clerestory is a warm and welcoming beacon to the community. Color-shifting lighting provides a varied and programmable ‘light show’ in the high bay windows.

Library at the Iditarod Elementary School