Andries Wessels

Andries Nardus Wessels

Andries Wessels

  • BIM Technician

“Solving different problems every day keeps you on your toes.”

Andries has always been creative, and with an architect as an uncle, it just made sense to work in the design world. He loves the problem-solving aspect of his work, which differs day to day and keeps him on his toes.

Andries likes the challenge of learning new drafting software, having experienced the shift from AutoCAD to Revit. Revit is now his favorite tool for work, because he enjoys its functionality and its ability to incorporate many aspects of the design.

Outside of work, Andries enjoys traveling, especially in Asia. He is both an avid sportsman who takes part in ju-jitsu and rugby and is an artist who is quite at home drawing and sketching.

Andries’ Favorites

Exterior view of the Anchorage Museum

Anchorage Museum Expansion

Andries enjoys seeing projects through from beginning to end, and the beautiful Anchorage Museum Expansion was no exception.

Exterior of the Alaska Airlines Maintenance & Operations Facility

Alaska Airlines Hangar

This project was designed to meet the client’s growing infrastructure needs. Seeing a project of this scale through to completion creates a great sense of accomplishment for everyone in the team.

Foyer inside of the UAA Kenai Career Technical Center

Better Together

Working as one cohesive unit, is one of MCG Explore Design’s biggest strengths, Andries says. Everyone has something to bring, and in his experience, projects work best when everyone is in it together.